Professor Scholefield appeared on the Channel 4 program, Embarrassing Bodies.

John came to see Dr Pixie to discuss the abscesses he’s been suffering with for 3 years around the perineum area (the area between his genitals and bottom) which has seem him undergo 11 operations – to no avail. Dr Pixie suspected an anal fistula and sent John to see a specialist. Colo-rectal specialist Professor Schofield suspects a blocked gland that just hasn’t been efficiently sorted out through previous ops and informs John of the need for further surgery.

Back under the knife Professor J H Schofield found that the condition is worse than he thought with the infected tract being larger than expected. After completion of the operation John discussed the improvement in symptoms back in the clinic with Dr Pixie and hoped that things would be completely sorted out after one further surgical procedure.

(The video clip for this programme on Channel 4 is no longer available.)